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I'm from Portugal, so don't mind the mistakes.

I've dated this guy for a year and a half. He started everything, chasing me, asking me out and whatnot. I was so happy, because I thought by then that I had found my soulmate, because he was so gentle, romantic, inteligent, funny, generous and so on.

Then he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. Afterwards he would write me love letters, give me presents, tell me "I love you", everything you could see in a movie.

Some months ago, I had some problems at home and in some way I started to react on him, though he didn't have anything to do with it. But I always asked him if he still liked me, if he was unhappy with something, etc, and he always told me that I was silly, that of course he adored me.

Then suddenly, a week ago, he came to my house, asked me to come down and told me he didn't like me like he did before, that he's been having these feelings of "lack of passion" for 4 months, and I stood there in shock, without understanding what was happening, while he was saying that he loved me as a friend, that it was him and not me, the classic bullshit.

I came home a nervous wreck, cried my eyes out and yesterday I went to work. I got more hurt when I saw on his Facebook page demonstrations of depression, of hurt, when I was the one who was dumped and hurt. I didn't post anything about us, because it's private. I had to ask him for space, because he wanted to stay in touch, because he considers me a really special person for him, yaddah yaddah, you know the drill.

I called him this week, to ask for some closure. The only thing he told was that he didn't love me anymore like a man loves a woman, but feels scared if in the future he regrets it. How can he say something like this? I told him that it was impossible for love to come back like this, and he told that nothing is final. Obviously this keeps me attached to him, though I know he doesn't want me anymore. How can he be so selfish? And he still has the nerve to tell me to give up on him, though his selfish side tells him to say no... If he considers a friend of mine, why does he give me this type of information that I REALLY don't need right now? After this conversation on the phone, his Facebook page changed totally, suddenly it was filled with random Youtube videos, like nothing had ever happened. It was devastating to my feelings and showed disrespect for everything we had.

I feel empty, disappointed and desperate, everything seemed so perfect, everybody told me we were a perfect match and then this happens...

I can't sleep, I lost already 7 pounds, I can't sleep, I keep thinking about the good things we had and I feel I'll never have them with someone ever again. I also fantasize if he ever comes back, but at the same time I feel so angry. One thing that is killing me is if he finds another girl... I hate when people don't close the door, it seems I can only find these type of guys...

He didn't make this easy on me and I'm going crazy. :(

I'd really appreciate some answers, anything really. :(

Thank you so much

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