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Sep 26, 2010
hello again just wanted to do another thread for the most recent problem me and him are having. As you know i have had insecurity issues through out our relationship and i have been getting better well i have decided to get counselling but i am now on a 3 month wait which is crappy. anyway, my boyfriend doesnt take any responsibility for anything that hes ever done. fair enough i have put him through alot but he is no mr perfect and i am trying to get us close again but he is distant and cold and snaps if i ask anything and i could of sworn hes lied to me today. nothing major but lying whats point. he expects me to trust him but doesnt even help the situation. i have been feeling really positive lately but its like he thinks he has a right to point the finger at me, him not take any responsibility him just do whatever he wants wether it pisses me off or not and im just expected to shut up and put up and trust him 100% when hes lied a couple of times lately. trying to repair myself and it seems i am not entitled to any little bit of happiness or respect because its been all hard on him. not been easy for me either. feel like when i think i start to get some where with the trust thing some way it just comes crashing back down then im constantly in a battle with myself trying to give him/people in general benefit of the doubt. i just dont know what to do. goes to prove i cant trust anyone because in the past when i put my trust and faith in people they have let me down and seems historys repeating itself. do not know what to do. i cant leave just yet as its not all bad in the relationship just recently hes been an idiot. p.s he hasnt been perfect in the past a couple of lies nothing major but its still wrong and has hit me few times. feel so alone. dont have a close family and feel like i dont even have him let alone anyone else. i felt so confident and happy this morning but now im feeling sad again. now i am in another battle with myself fighting back the tears not showing him hes upsetting me. see how i put ''hes upsetting me'' well that clearly doesnt matter because its all about HIM. fed up. i cant handle it the tears are rolling.

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