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I can't get out :(
Sep 28, 2010
My boyfriend is emotionally abusive and I don't know how to end our year long relationship. I'm a senior in high school and I know there are other guys out there but it's hard to still see him in school and have to see him hurt or see him at all.

We've been dating for a year and have had many ups and many downs. He broke up with me twice in the beginning of our relationship because he listened to other people when they told him to break up with me. And like an idiot, I begged him to come back and showed him that I didn't do anything wrong even though he knew it the whole time. That was around last December.

Then we went through a few months that were pretty good but he wanted me to stop talking to a bunch of guys that I was acquatainted with. And I was spending so much time with him that it didn't bother me. And I used my guy friends getting girlfriends as excuses for why we didn't hang out anymore even though I know I did it because I knew it would upset my boyfriend.

Over the summer he showed even more signs of jealousy. And I ended up breaking up with him at the end of August and told him it was because he didn't seem to trust me when I had never done anything wrong and that he was too jealous. He promised me that he would change and wouldn't get so upset about it. And like an idiot, I took him back.

A few weeks later he was getting mad at me so I broke up with him again but he made me feel guilty about it and the next day we were back together.

So now we have been going for about a month. And I can tell he is still jealous. Especially today because he got mad at me for a guy asking me a question in the hall about lockers. So I know that he hasn't stopped getting jealous or upset like he promised me.

I've always done things his way and now that I don't think it's fair that he wants to change me and that I won't change for him, he gets mad at me and tries to make me feel quilty even more than ever. But I know that I don't do anything wrong. I don't see whats wrong with talking to other people no matter if they are guys or girls. I don't get upset at him for talking to girls. And he tells me I'm the only one that he talks to which I find that hard to believe. But even so, I don't want to be antisocial like he wants me to be. I'm very outgoing and like to talk to people. But I have never flirted with someone or cheated on any boyfriend I've been with.

I hurt so bad and my boyfriend refuses to see how it hurts me. He just keeps saying how I'm hurting him and how he's the one that's hurt not me. And I told him I like the person that I am and that I don't do anything wrong and I'm not going to change and he ignores me.

It's hard to let go because we lost our virginities to each other and have been together for a year and I put a ton of work into it even before we started dating. I just wish that I hadn't put in as much work as I did.

And now that I've already broken up with him twice and the same for him, I know that the next time we will have to be apart for good. And with the way things are I know we could never be friends or probably ever talk to each other. And we were each others firsts for everything, not just sexual things. This is both of our first serious relationship.

But I can't handle how jealous he is being and how needed and insecure he can get. Everyone has been hurt before so I feel that's just an excuse of his. And I haven't done anything to hurt him as much as people in the past have. I always try to make things better for him. But it seems to be backfiring on me. And I really can't handle it anymore. I really can't handle it.

I need some advice and as soon as possible.

I'm sorry this is so long.

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