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I need help....I have been with my boyfriend for 10 months and have been renting a place together for the past 6 months. We get on great, there isnt a day that goes by without him making me laugh. I am 23 and he is 24 however, I worry constantly, I look for negatives all the time. I make things up in my head and believe them, this makes me worry more. I think the worst of him all the time, i think that he is going to find someone better than me or if he hasnt text me, i panic wondering why and what he is doing.

I feel like i dont like him going anywhere without me. He is easily persuaded when with certain mates and changes plans by saying he will be home later then not turning up at that time, I then find myself wondering if he does actually love me as I feel that he doesnít take my feelings into consideration and that as long as he is ok, thatís all that matters. I have a big issue with time which is my problem not his but if he goes out with his mates and says he will be back for a certain time, for example, 3am, i will hold him to this and if he isnt back, i drive myself mad and start asking him when he is coming home, when he comes back late, i go mad and the way i think is killing me. If he is out with his mates, i go to bed but cant sleep as i am tossing and turning with my heart racing so i am unable to get to sleep.

I love him very much but I am controlling him due to my insecurities and worrying too much. I donít want this to damage our relationship because we have something special. I know I need to work on my issues but I donít know how and no matter how hard I try, I keep falling. I know he needs his freedom and needs to see his friends but this is when I start worrying and thinking the worst of things.

I get jealous, not because of something he does or says but because I imagine things he might do. Im insecure because I think he will meet someone better than me and fall for her and I donít want to risk losing him because I love him so much. My imagination gets the best of me but i love him too much to be like this.

My jealousy and insecurities are getting hard to bare with, and i want to stop. i love him and i want to make it work, but on the other hand i dont see why he cant help me with my problems instead of pointing them out and attacking me about them because iv told him i cant help it. Please help me.

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