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A woman and a man can be friends. It is possible please remember that. I am speaking from experience. When me and my boyfriend was together (recently split) i used to go and stay over at my male friends and my boyfriend trusted me 100% and never ever ever questioned me. He has the same opinion as me that just because a woman and man hang out together does not mean anything. My best friend is male. My ex never minded always said things like ''tell your friend to come hang out at my place hes welcome anytime''. Anyway, she has reassured you to not worry. She is with you and if she is not acting suspicious or giving off any bad vibes then don't worry. Believe me been paranoid and worrying puts people off. I made my ex boyfriend felt like a dirty sc** bag for me not trusting him and it cost me my relationship. I was not fair on him. Now i realise you have to give people a chance and someone once said to me on this HealthBoards ''Don't worry about a problem till it appears'' something along those lines and i have taken that comment in mind. Just enjoy her and don't stress believe me it only pushes them away. The best friend might/might not have feelings for her but that does not mean she will say okay and have an affair or leave you for him. Obviously you have to be cautious. Good luck

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