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Maybe it's just me, but I'd be terribly offended if I were on a date with a guy, we sat in his car, he started putting his hands on me, and I told him wait, no, let's talk, and then he started telling me how I should get married right away and how I should get mommy and daddy to find me a rich husband and get married off right away, but he's going to enjoy the single life. It sounds to me like he was put off by you not wanting to get physical, so he was sort of digging at you by saying "oh, you're such a goodie goodie, you don't want to fool around with me, you should just get mommy and daddy to marry you off now, since you're not interested in having fun and enjoy being single."
Of course, I could be wrong. Without actually hearing his tone of voice, inflection, body language, facial expressions, etc., it's hard to guess at what he was really thinking when he was saying this, but I would move on. In any event, he's made it totally clear he's not looking for something serious. You sound like a nice girl who doesn't sleep around just for the fun of it. Stick to your guns and your values. When a guy tells you he's not interested in love or being serious with you, listen to him and believe him.

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