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why can't you go to lunch with her and her co-workers? How would she feel if you went with her?

After being cheated on, I would probably feel the same way. The bigger issue here is that the trust is broken in your relationship. You can either work to get it back, or I am afraid you have to move on.

I would not like my husband hanging out with a woman of the opposite sex. My husband eats lunch out with the guys at work. I would have no problem with a woman going to lunch in a group, but I would not like my husband eating a solo lunch with a woman (unless it was in the cafe at work). And it has nothing to do with trust. My husband has never given me a reason not to trust him. My issue would be with the other person. You have no idea what their motives are, etc. When people are put in a situation to "bond" and talk, then you just don't know what can overcome them. I don't blame you for feeling uncomfortable. I don't think you are being overprotective. Yes, she needs her friends and all, but she should invite you along too. Maybe the way for you to feel better about this is for you to befriend them too.

Also, she spends all week with her co-workers, why can't they talk about their issues during lunch or something?

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