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SNAILS – great post and wonderful to see/hear that a young child survived the divorce parent/step parent turned you into the wonderful adult you are today. :angel:

My hope; is my son will appreciate all that his father and I have done for him, making this child of divorce into a positive one that he will be a Happy Adult with no resentment but tell a story such as yours. :)

A-ME – You are not selfish, you are an honest human woman. :cool:
I agree wholeheartly with you not to allow the “child” run the show.
That is not good for you, his father and for the sake of the child.
You’re also correct; there should be a Balance for time for you and your boyfriend. Then you need to communicate that with him that. Let him know
YES, his child should be his first priority but he now has YOU too and he needs to find a balance –
Men are not as good at this then woman are – Trust ME… :rolleyes:

My boyfriend “tried” to force his children on me, he wanted to make me happy Before his children, he actually said something once to his children about keeping the noise level down while I was sick and napping when his children were visiting - While his intentions were meant to be good – You see, he comes from a Large (12 kids) Loving Family so he had no clue of divorce….It was ME who told HIM….Never to force his children on me or to shh them when I was napping (they were not that loud) I told him how I felt as a child and what it did to me, my mother chose MEN over being a mother and shoved me aside like a burden…I was not going to allow that for my son or his children.

I’m sorry if I missed a post if you answered this question, but what is the big deal to switch weekends with the boys mother? Is it your boyfriend or the boy’s mother who is not co-operating? If the boy is running the show in his father’s life and your relationship and yes, it’s important to tell your boyfriend that is wrong. The boy needs discipline and will not only LOVE his dad more but respect him and appreciate it ever more…Again, trust me – cause I’m the ‘mean” parent while my ex-husband is the “fun” parent…but we Still balance HIM (son) in our relationship.

HANGING IN THERE – I too felt like you. I didn’t think I could ever love someone else’s children. You hear all these horror stories about step kids – I was scared as can be getting involved with a man with 3 children – I got SO LUCKY….(about time) they are great kids – hey of course my son will still come first no matter what, but again it’s called that Balancing Act and making Everyone feel Special. My son is best friends with his 15 yr old stepsister – and loves being an older brother to the 11 yr old. :cool:

I could never tolerate bratty children – my own as well as someone else’s – My son “can” be a spoiled brat – :nono:
I tell him to knock it off, he’s loved and knows he’s a priority no need for snotty bratty attitudes or behavior…He also knows my childhood upbringing and how it effected me. :cool:

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