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I had to LOL at Mel's reply about "screwed up chick". I know that people think that too when they see my posts!
You know me,Kadree! I gotta add my two cents worth! I just wanted to add that I understand about you feeling that you are not the one with the problem so your husband needs to be the one to go for is just that sometimes we do awful things to the ones we love, ya' know? I think it would help if you would look at this as a disease instead of him rebelling against you. I know that you would never just give up on someone because they were sick...i don't want you to get upset with me. I just want to let you see it in another way. I understand your frustration. My reason for searching on Healthboards was to help me deal with my husband's bipolar disorder. He just refused to get help and didn't even want to deal with the problem. <<It's just that when I got here and started reading the other posts, I realized how screwed up I AM!! [img][/img] LOL>> I was so frustrated and angry with him all the time. Since I posted here originally, I realized how little I know about his disease. I have found a bipolar group at a local church that accepts loved ones so I am going! I want my husband healthy and I want to know how to help him to be that way. I have never lived with an alcoholic but my mother was addicted to gambling....BINGO, no doubt! I am sure that you are ROTF LOL but it was true. THAT IS ANOTHER STORY!! :)

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