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[QUOTE=rosequartz;4343002]how old are you spudsy? and maybe you mentioned and I missed it, but what is your mental condition? have you been diagnosed with anything?
your mother is manipulative, passive-aggressive, and co-dependent. you can never have a healthy relationship unless you set some boundries. please read the book co-dependent no more, it helped open my eyes to a lot of things.[/QUOTE]

I'm 22, I'll be 23 on November 4th. I'm diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, and extreme anxiety. I've always thought that I'm bipolar, but either my doctor hasn't told me, or my Mom won't let my doctor tell me, or I've just got severe Aspergers. I don't honestly know, but I've been on so many (literally hundreds) of pills over the last ten-fifteen years and to so many doctors that no one will give me a straight answer. I was hospitalized earlier this year after I had a trivial run-in with the law, the group therapy helped and I am actively seeking one-on-one therapy, but due to my health insurance and the world-state I will have to wait until January to get back on my Dad's health insurance plan in order to get proper counseling.

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