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Ok. First off, it is just a friend of my bf... not a close one. Just had to get that straight. Now to my story. Ok, I went to a amusement park type thing w/my bf and my friend. We got there and he noticed a friend of his working. He went to talk to him, and found out he thought my friend was good looking. So we get him her number, and she doesnt show any interest. So, after trying for awhile he gives up. He keeps asking me to hang out, and I said I probably could sometime. Well, he is always concerned about making it look like he is trying to steal me away from my bf. Today, he instant messaged me and said he thought I should come over and cuddle w/him and watch a movie. I said that hanging out is ok, but cuddling is a nono. He decided to come back at me w/some stuff that I said about my bf... that I was totally kidding or exaggerating about. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!? Should I tell my bf, since he knows about his friend wanting to hang out w/me... or what? Im confused. I dont have interest in this person as more than a friend, also. I should mention that hes EXTREMELY sensitve and suicidal. Idk if I should be angry as I am, or feel bad for saying no. HELP!
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Say hello to John Patrick. He was born on Friday, September 13, 2002. He weighed 8 lbs 9 oz. He is my second cousin heehee and my grandparents first great-grandchild :-D.

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