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[QUOTE=Adelex;4343673]I have been with my boyfriend for nearly one year and he has never gave me any excuse to be paranoid he has never cheated on me and i have hardly ever saw him speaking to girls apart from people he has knew for years. I always think he is going to get back to his ex even he he hates her and they split up 2 years ago i always think im not good enough for him and even hate when nice looking girls come on the tele. It's going to end up runining our relationship as he says he cant cope with it anymore. I really dont want to loose him as he treats he brilliant i have tried to stop but i just cant help it.[/QUOTE]

Sometimes what you suggest is paranoia, is really intuition. You leave out some details such as what specifically gives you the impression he would cheat on you other than that you feel you are not good enough. Is he open to where he has been and what he's been doing? Does he tell you where he is going, or who was on the phone? Does he answer questions quickly and honestly instead of making you feel like you are interrogating him? Does he give you compliments that make you feel good about yourself? Does he ogle every women he sees? Sometimes our subconscious picks up more than we think.

On the other hand, do you have a sense of poor self esteem? If so, that is something you can work on. Instead of making your life about him, turn the tables. Pamper yourself. If it makes you feel better, wear makeup and do up your hair- dress nicely. Find your spiritual self- through God or meditation. Read some self- help books or encouraging audiobooks. Get a puppy or spend time with your friends. Get their honest impressions on your relationship. Volunteer to help others more unfortunate. There is nothing like seeing someone in a worse situation than you to make you appreciate what you have. Is this a pattern you have had with your other boyfriends?

Start thinking about the situation with your head instead of your heart. Take off the rose colored glasses and see it for what it is. Is this a healthy relationship with both sides equally participating? If you have to, take a break from the situation. Some time apart can help you think more clearly.

Hope these suggestions have helped. I wish you the best.
Best Regards,

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