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Cheating boyfriend
Oct 4, 2002
trying to make a long story short. Went out with this guy for 5 years, broke up with him 9 months ago, only to realize 6 months later that i wanted him back. So for the past few months we have been seeing eachother, he has been saying that he was scard to get back with me because i hurt him so much. finally, last week he said that he will come back to me, but would have to take things slow. I was at his house a few days ago, and pressed redial on his phone, only to discover that he has been seeing another girl for 2 years. I asked the girl to come to his house so we could confront him, and she did. His first reaction was to tell me that he hates me and to stop calling him. he made it seem as if i had been stalking him all this time, and that he broke up with me because i was sleeping around. I cannot believe that after everying we had been through he could treat me like i was nothing. Here is the thing, i know that he is an ******* and that i am better off without him, yet i cannot stop thinking about him and miss him dearly, why do i feel this way towards someone who hurt me so much, i should hate him.

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