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hello Tara,
I know exactly how you feel hun but let me tell you something I have read all these posts and the response and they are giving you tough love i am 32 years old just had a complete hysterectomy been through years of mental abuse from all of my boyfriends and my ex husband married at 24 divorced at 25 and can't have children ever... and not being able to work because of my female problems I have been trying to find work forever and you work at burger king I know its not the most glamorous job but, I would give anything to find a job.. I complain a lot and let me tell you this people are not trying to be mean they get sick of hearing it.I have lost friends and I don't know how many relationships because of my mood swings and my problems I am sorry that you feel you have no family my sister and I are like night and day she is on me all the time did you find a job she owns her own business and I am telling her no but I am defintely looking I am about to go to a fast food restarant just to have some kind of money... I don't have a car of my own and my parents are afraid of me driving theirs due to a car wreck that happened 5 years ago oh and I forgot my dad just got layed off so I understand you have been through a lot but we all have on here I don't think we would be posting because we are happy I wish I was and I am working on myself tell yourself you are worth it and don't give up now thats good adivice.believe me and you say you are leaving why??? because they are speaking the truth I can tell that people on here are not going to coddle you they will feel sorry for you but they are going to tell you things that sometimes we don't want to hear. or anyone else. and I am glad because I see me in you I am exactly like that listen if you need a friend I will be there for you the truth is you have to start thinking positive and not thinking about what did happen I read your latest post and you say you have been through a lot so have all of us so have I am not saying this to hurt you let me tell you no one is I get told all the time grow up and no I have always had my family but I sometimes forget that they love me sometimes. I have not been very grateful for my parents lately for years now its been everyone elses fault but mine and it is my fault and my decisions well I just wanted to write and say even if you go to a face to face therapist or a group of women you will get the same advice actually worse I had a woman in a group session when I was put in a hospital a psych one.. and this lady started yelling at me so I would admit I was messed up over my ex boyfriend it was awful the place was terrible!!!! so I am just telling you this from the heart don't leave because you think that things are gonna change if you do leave I wish you good luck and I hope you at least listen to some of what I and others are saying.. and let me know how you are doing I mean that sorry if this sounded harsh..
god bless you and many prayers,Renee'

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