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hello everyone.. first off, let me tell you that im female, 16 and my.. well, i guess ex-boyfriend (after today),.. is 15
ive got a sad story to tell you.. what im looking for here is some advice on what to do about this

/rolls up sleeves
alright, heres how it started..

i met this boy on a counter-strike server online.. we were friends who played together pretty much every day.. then he got ICQ and we started talking alot.. he started liking me more and more.. i wasnt interested at all, because i already had a boyfriend and was very happy with him

well after about 6 months of knowing eachother, he said he said his family was going to visit my state (california), and he asked me if id want to meet up with him since he would only be staying a few hours away.. i was all for it!! he was an awesome friend, afterall
so after we got our parents' permission, we set a date to go to knotts berry farm (an amusement park)
well.. it was great.. he was so awesome.. we had so much fun..
after that day, i could not get him off of my mind.. then i realized id lost what id felt for my then-boyfriend, and broke up with him
and then i told Dominic (the guy i met at knotts) how i felt about him.. of course, he was ecstatic because he was just as in love as i was.. so it was great, we were together and happy!

well, i forgot to ask him something.. what he feels about God and religion
he knew i was christian so he was scared to tell me.. well he spoke up and told me he didnt believe in anything.. i asked him if hes sure he made up his mind, or if he was willing to consider changing his views, but nope
i thought "alright fine, it does depress me that you dont believe in god.. but it is your life, and youre free to believe what you like"
and he thought the same of me

well, today (weve been together for about a week) i found something in the bible (corinthians 6:14) that says
"be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?"

so i thought.. great.. now i have to choose between God or my boyfriend.. who i am so incredibly in love with..
needless to say, i chose God

we are both heartbroken.. i just feel so horribly depressed.. hes pretty much going to stay away from me now, because he said he just couldnt handle being around when things are this way.. of course, i can understand that

we said how much we loved eachother.. and he left.. he said i could call him anytime if i needed him..

does anyone have any advice for me at all? i just do not know what to do anymore.. i have a feeling im going to be depressed for a very long time if i cannot be with him..
I am an atheist and I do not believe that god does not exist, I have seen no evidence that god does exist and so do not believe in god. There is a big difference.

I do not see how an atheist could ever be happy with a hard core Christian. If this particular passage in the bible hadn't caused you to break up with him...I am pretty sure something else soon would have.

As one grows older, their beliefs (or lack of) become even more important to them. I have seen my mother in law put religion above her own son. It is a book of *Love* that I care to live without!

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