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Hello all!
I'm 26 years old and I have 3 stepchildren. My husband is 45 and has 3 kids: son(21)daughter(18)daughter(16). I use to get along pretty well with them all....especially my 18 year old step daughter. She and I were like best friends. She moved in with my hubby and I almost 3 years ago. She was pretty good at first but then she started to change. I know that people say that teenagers do that but this was so unlike her. She acted like she hated us and didn't want to be with us at all. She dated a guy that treated her awful! He drank, smoked pot a few times, cheated on her numerous times, etc. He was making her ugly! (I mean her attitude!) She loved him though. One night she came home in a rage. Went to her bedroom and broke a glass picture frame. We basically asked her what was going on and tried getting her to talk. She ignored us. We told her that if she wanted to move back in with her mom she could. We didn't want her to but if it was what she wanted then she could. She was only 17 at the time. Within 20 minutes she had her bags packed and was on the phone to her mom crying and making it sound lots worse than what it was. She's the type that tries to make someone look bad only if it makes her look good. Don't get me wrong.....I love her to death but she is very deceitful. Anyway, her mom asked her if she wanted her to call the cops and she said yes so they showed up at our doorstep within minutes. They ended up taking her to the LEC to wait for her mom to pick her up. She made the decision to leave and move in with her mom that night. 2 days later, my brother called me to say that he had a new stepdaughter. She had come her and moved in with her friend and her friend's parents. She started telling everyone around town (and mind you I live in a town where population is around 1,000 people so everybody knows everybody and their business) that my husband hit her so she called the cops and they took her away. She told lots of other lies about us too. It makes me angry just thinking about it now too. This happened about 2 1/2 months ago and she turned 18 about a month after she moved out. With it being such a small town we see her at times but we don't even look at each other. She hasn't bothered to call us but she's been to my sister a few times to talk to her and see how the family is doing. I am still very angry as well as my husband but I miss her. She graduates from high school this year and I want my husband and I to be a part of that. I am so confused and don't know what to do. I'd love to drive over and see her or just call her but I'm too afraid. 3 days after she left my husband called her and she threatened to put an order of protection on him........on what grounds? I just don't want her to go to the cops and say that we're harrassing her or anything. Do I wait for her to come to us or what? Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!


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