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Hi Janine,

I was reading the thread of posts and had to post to help you out. I'm 25. when I was 23 yrs old me and my ex broke up, like you it was clearly out of the blue, he was 33 so I thought he would handle breakup's better being older and wiser than me? LOL was I wrong. He didnt' give me much explanation except he needed space, and that he was afraid of committment ( this was odd, since he was the one pushing for marriage since we'd met). So I was shocked when he told me he needed space. He told me to still call him and we'd be friends. Hee hee, yeah sure.

I didn't sleep, eat, or chat w/ anyone. I was in total shock! I cried almost all day, and looking at all the things in my apartment I was totally lost, w/ all the memories. My friends kept saying it will get better, lets' go out so you can meet someone else. Well I didn't want to meetsomeone else, I wanted answers damit!!!! How could someone be so cold?? After telling you that they lvoed you so much? I mean when you have dreams and hopes w/ soemeone how could they just say screw you? And leave you helpless???? I called him but he wouldn't answer, or when he did he was distant. OH God I was sooo depressed. I went to work but there was misery there. I hated being around happy girls who chatted about their boyfriends and what they did on weekends. For about 1 yr I walked around hopless and depressed. I didn't date anyone and hated going out w/ friends cuz they were always happy. My life consisted of Work, going home and watching TV and back to work the next day. For a whole year this was my lifestyle.

I must say that after being put on medication for depression it lifted, I started doing more w/ friends, and having FUN again. I never heard from the EX at all and hardly ever thought about him. Janine I can understand what you are going through I just hope that It doesn't take you that long to get over someone like I did. I still don't have a boyfriend now, but TIME DOES HEAL ALL WOUNDS. AND GOD HELPS PRAY THAT YOU CAN GET OVER HIM. IF you ever want to write to me my email is [email protected] feel free, mabye we can chat sometime.

Well I was browsing in the sunday paper a few weeks back and guess who i saw in the wedding section? My EX and a new Wife. I thought he didn't believe in Commitment. I was sad for a few days thinking that should have been me, but he it wasn't and you know what? I'm happy that he found someone who will love him, I will find my prince someday. Now I can honestly say that with HOPE.

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