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First, I am going to break the most important aspects of this post down for you.

You made reference at the end of your post in regard to sex - "we have a wonderful sex life." I'm sorry, but that will never hold up as substantial evidence in accordance to the time old myth of the average typical male that (If I'm good in bed, that's all that matters). A good and healthy sex life does not take president over a females emotional feelings. You have to realize that your sex life plays no role in her 'as you would say' "Her problem."

Furthermore, you also stated in your post "And another thing, don't say "that's your issue" (you've said that countless times), because that makes me feel lonely." I would not rank such a comment as mean nor disrespectful. It's just downright cruel and displays the textbook definition of a typical male. If you love her, care for her (Truly) then you would help her with it and not just write it off as her problem.

"Now it's difficult to explain, but I can't ****ing stand it, to
put it bluntly. I have NEVER been like this EVER." Thing's change when you actually know for a fact your 100% in love with a person. I know this from experience. I dated a girl for 3 years, she was 1 grade ahead of me in highschool. When she graduated and went to college, we had been dating for 8 months. The summer before she went to a college 2 hours away, I came to realize I was 100% in love with her. Thoughts of which never crossed my mind before 'started making me paranoid.' I constantly worried about her meeting a better guy at college, cheating on me etc. etc. So her paranoid feelings may have became more intense because her feelings for you have as well.

"I'm merely frustrated that you are 'attracted' to other girls, if it's only her eyes that you think are beautiful. It's strange because when you think a girl is pretty, I think she's a million times better than she is." It's natural for a person to feel threatened by another of which displays qualities that we don't have and want. This can be a problem when your partner is around because what she thinks she needs to be perfect in her own mind, can be, what she thinks will make you view her as perfect.

I'm not going to waist my time and explain the rest to you. You need to realize that her feelings may have changed for you. They may have become stronger, hence she is more afraid of loosing you then she was before. Just tender to her needs, communicate with her and ask questions. "What can I do to make you feel more secure?". As I said before, I had the same problem with my X girlfriend and it passed with time, so, it might do the same with your girlfriend.

Better yet, has she been diagnosed by an M.D with paranoia?

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