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This is strange, but, I haven't really gotten over an ex-love from twenty years ago..I was writing to him and then he stopped writing.He is in the military so it is possible that he can't answer me, but, on the off chance that he isn't writing because of me, what can I do to get over him and on top of this, I broke up with my recent boyfriend(I was with him for fifteen years). I feel good some days, and other days it's hard to feel good.I still live with my recent ex- and sometimes I see him crying.That is hard to see.He still wants me back, but, I just can't do the relationship anymore because I feel that I have gotten too co-dependent in THIS particular relationship, and I think that the best thing to do is to break it off.I don't really know who the REAL me is and I think that I need to do some healing right now.But, like I said, I do want to know how to stop feeling those feelings for the first person.I am still in love with him,yet, I do not know him anymore!!! Help!!! This is probably a really strange letter,but, someone out there might be able to help.Also, I am assuming that if the military guy who has been married twice..(I almost married the military guy a long time ago,but, changed my mind for certain reasons)and is now divorced and busy in the military and hardly writes back,(but, did briefly write to me for a bit)I am assuming that he wouldn't care about an ex-girlfriend finding him after twenty years and telling him that she still loved him, would I be correct?!? I would love to hear especially from men ,or even men in the service who have any feelings on this subject.This has really bothered me for almost a whole year.I had been corresponding with him and then he stopped writing and I am not sure why.I kept writing and then I have now finally decided to stop totally.I feel that I am so depressed over this person and that it just isn't worth it anymore, AND that I am probably abusing myself just trying to get his attention. PLEASE HELP! I would greatly appreciate any advice, thoughts, feelings, knowledge or insight that you may have on this subject!!! Nightowl2

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