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Hey all,
I am new to this message board, but I noticed many people have been posting messages having to do with ex gf/bfs.
This is out of past experiences. Here is my advice, which may not be true for all, but I'd like to share it.
My first more serious relationship was with a guy named Eric. We got to know each other, and as the months wen't by we got closer and closer. After months wen't by, he was my boyfriend but also my best friend. He knew everything about me, and I knew everything about him. I would go to him with life problems and spill everything to him. Maybe it wasn't healthy, but we were pretty much together all the time. I had alot of other friends but I found myself wanting to be with him more than anyone. I felt on the same line as him, the same page. With other people it was more a challange. I guess I compared everyone to him.
Meanwhile it hit a year of us being together. We got so close(I read someoneelse's post it said the similiar thing)we almost got "sick" of each other and found those little habits of each other annoying. After fights we'd still make up and come back to each other as we found our love so strong. As time wen't by it got worse though. My boyfriend became rather controlling. We got in more fights and I was in tears 95% of my life. I knew I had to leave. I of course told him and he was not happy what so ever, but I left.
After acouple months wen't by I found myself wanting him back and wondering if he was thinking the same thing. I was too scared to call him since I was the one who dumped him. I began to date other people. They were fun dates; however, after some I'd find myself thinking about what my ex was up to, and if he was having as much fun. I started out to be innocent curiousity, but then I began to think about him pretty much everyday if not every other day. I was dating this guy Mark, and he was good to me. Very polite and sensitive to my feelings. When I thought about my ex, it would make me upset because I would start thinking "If Only." and "What if." I'd think about it so much I'd lose focus on Mark. So that made us get in little fights. I couldn't tell him the real reason. I felt so bad. I was lost, I didn't know if I liked Mark but was insecure and couldn't get over my ex or what. (So people remember, everyone experiences this, your not alone.)
Finally it got so bad that our dating sessions ended. We just got annoyed at each other. He didn't think I liked him anymore. Vice Versa.
About 4 months later, I wen't over to my friends house. He told me he wanted me to meet his new friend. I couldn't believe it. In walked Eric. My heart was racing full of emotions. I sat all quiet and didn't look at him fully in the eye. Finally my guy friend wen't downstairs because he had to get something. I was left with Eric alone. It was awkward but I got this crazy feeling it was right.
He came over to me wispered, "I have been waiting." and he walked away with a smile. It filled my heart.
I knew at that moment the whole time with Mark it was a test to see my feelings for Eric. It gave us time to mature, and we could deal with love how love should be dealt with. Not saying Mark was just a game. It was part of life. So for all, your not alone if you miss your ex. If you guys truely loved each other, don't give up. You never know. Love is stronger then we think. Some people have different views on it.
If it was love why didn't we stay together.
Others say we loved each other but it wasn't good for us. Listen to your heart. Youll know what to do.

Good Luck! CosmoGrl

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