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Need advice !!

I met this guy through my best friend. I had only seen him a couple of times at her house for parties and we talked and seemed to hit it off, however, I was involved in "sortof" relationship and he was traveling alot.

Last Tuesday I sub'd on my best friends bowling team and he is also on the team. We talked alot, hit it off, had a really nice time. The next morning when I went outside for work, there were flowers and a note on my car from him. I called him and he asked me out for the following saturday, of course I said yes. Mean time, I had ended things in my "sortof" relationship and was excited about getting to know this new person ....even if it only ended as friends.

He called on Friday night to make sure we were still on for sat and he said he would call on sat. By 6:30 that evening I still had not heard from him of my girlfriends asked if I wanted to go do something or if I was going to wait by the phone to see if he called. Of course, I ended up going with my girl friend. We went to eat and went to this little pub to shoot pool. As we were shooting pool, my previous sortof guy came in and wanted to talk. I spent the next 5 minutes explaining to him why things didn't / couldn't work, as I was talking, I looked over to my right and who was there ......YEP the guy that was supposed to take me out that night. I walked over to him and asked what had happened and he said he called, I asked what time he said 7:30 ...and I said oh I assumed you weren't calling and went out. As I looked over it was my turn to shoot pool so I went and shot, the guy and his friend left.

First off ....this new guy had never been in this place before, it's not his "thing" ...which leads me to believe he came out looking for me. Second off, he knew I had this "sortof" relationship with the other guy but that I had broken it off. After they walked out the door they sent someone else back in to ask the guy I had ended things with what his name was ....

I tried calling the new guy that night and left him a message that things were not how they must have seemed to him and that I would really like the opportunity to explain to him and to please call me. Of course he did not call.

I called again yesterday and again left a message that I was sorry but again things got messed up that night and were not how they seemed, to please call me so I could explain. Still, he has not called.

Now .....I really want to get to know this person. We really seemed to hit it off and now I don't know what to do .....

I want to try and get a hold of him, however, I don't want him to think I'm some crazy woman that won't stop calling ......I'm torn because I think he may think I was out with the other guy and therefore doesn't want anything to do with me, but that isn't the case.

Should I try again or just let it go?

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