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Before you read this, i don't mean this in any kind of bad way at all, but you have to look at the reality of the situation.

Here's another point:

Since you've issued this ultimatum, now that it's "out there in the open", he may feel forced into a corner, where before he may have felt that "soon i will ask her". NOW, he may resent the fact that you either want "THAT or NOTHING" and leave out of spite.

And consider this - if you two DO break up - do you think you're going to find a man, date him, become close, be in LOVE (which you say you are with you're present boyfriend), have HIM be in LOVE with you TOO, and on TOP of ALL that, get MARRIED, maybe within a year or two?

Sure, it's happened, and I totally wish you luck should you decide to go that route, but in my opinion, most guys dating a woman will want to wait at least a couple of years to REALLY get to know their women before they committ to "till DEATH do us part", so the chances of you getting married (to a NEW man), whether you like the fact or not, within the next 2 to 3 years, is fairly slim. This of course is assuming you find "mr. right" on the first try, and not have to date around...which you most probably WILL, right? (We ALL do, it's normal)

THEN, looking at having a baby? Most couples will want to wait a couple of years usually before having a child, so chances are you won't be having children (with the NEW man) for another 4 or 5 years anyway.

SO I dunno - is it better to stay with the boyfriend you have now who Loves you and YOU love him, or look for a new one?...

Hard, HARD decisions ahead my dear.

I'm sorry to be the realist, but...

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