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Hello guys and dolls,
Iam moving on with my personal life and doing well,however I can't help but wonder what it was about me that just didnt interest my"male friend".

We can't make any man-woman love us or want to be with us,but there is something regarding this man that makes me believe he has low self-esteem and other possible issues.Im posting this to get it out of my system and to get feedback into why a person does this to themself.

Ya see he actually knew and met this young gal before he knew and met me.They split up for a good while thats when we met.He told me a long time ago that this younger gal got 75% of his interest because she was the 1st gal he met after the breakup of a 3 year relationship.

It is logical to me that when we meet people and date that we share common interests that makes us want to keep getting to know that individual.I feel that he is sticking with this young gal because he feels she is as good as he can get.

It seems strange to me that he selected to go back to her,be with her AND marry her when he hardly knows anything about her.She never calls him
(he has given her a large sum of money),she wont go see him(at his expense),don't chat with him,hardly emails him,etc.Things that are important when dating and getting to know each other.

We got along really well,we talked daily via email,chat and called each other frequently.We had so many things in common and wanted the same things out of life,we held the same beliefs.

Its hard to understand why someone passes up a wonderful relationship and takes something less.He basically told me that if he dumped her and went to me if we didnt work out he wouldn't have me or her so this tells me he believes if he left her he would be in a world of hurt and there wouldn't of been better out there for him.

He realizes she is a young kid that misuses the money he has sent her and is still sending her,yet he isn't willing to have better for himself.

I just can't understand why a person settles for less.Do you understand why I have said what I said?Im only trying to make sense of why he is doing this.I dont want flamed,bashed or told to move on with my life because Iam moving on.

Its not my fault it didnt work,Lord knows I tried.Iam a wonderful person with a terrific sense of humor and great personality and I deserve better than this.Im glad it didnt work out.There is someone far better out there for me.Just trying to make sense of why some people do this..

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