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I have been with my new boyfriend for over two years, and he in general he is wonderful to me. He would do anything to make me happy and to keep my happy. The thing i am confused about is why cant i get over my ex that treated me like sh*t. I was with my ex for 7 years and he mentally and physically abused me. I will always love him for some odd reason, and would never go back to him, but why cant i just stop loving him and get him out of my life.
My current boyfriends family treats me really bad ( they come from money and my family is not even close to being stable) The more they treat me bad, the more i think i crossed the line and entered a world not meant for me. My ex's family loved me and treated me wonderfully, much better than the ex ever did.
I talk to my ex every once in awhile, he is married and has a new baby, but he still admits he cares for me and still loves me, but for the obvious reasons we could have never made a future of it.
I wouuld never leave my boyfriend now to be with him, i actually ended the relationship with the ex to make a fresh start. and thats when i met this new guy. The thing i am confused about is why cant i just stop loving this old guy. I am now getting married to the new guy and have no regrets, just that apart of my heart still loves the ex, and i know its not fair for my boyfriend to have my whole heart. AM i just attracted to being treat badly or what, why is this guy so much apart of my heart yet? I love my guy now and wouldnt change it for the world, but i want to start off a marriage on the right foot. ( i am not getting married for almost 2 years, college comes first)but what do i do to make the old flame go away. If i know i would never act upon those feelings why wont they go away? I am driving myself crazy thinking im the worst person for not being able to stop loving the ex. My now fiance knows how i feel and totally respects me, and never throws it in my face. just how do i get over the old flame completly because i dont want him to have any part of my heart, i know he doesnt deserve it!

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