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It's ok that you both live at home. Just ask your parents or his if you could do the candlelight dinner thing and maybe they could go out to dinner or something.

For one of our first dates, my then boyfriend (now hubby) made a steak candlelight dinner. He lived with his grandpa and so before I got there he (the grandpa) went over to the neighbors house for a couple hours. After dinner he gave me a foot massage. I had commented during a previous conversation on how much I loved foot massages but my feet were so ugly that I would never go get one so the foot rub was a surprise.

Make him a homemade card. My husband works out of town during the week so I write him little notes to read during the week and sometimes I make him homemade cards.

I got him a CD carrier for his truck and I cut out words/letters from magazines and wrote one liners on things I liked best about him and how I felt about him etc. He loved the time that I put into it.

You could do a picnic. I don't know how warm it gets in LA in Feb. I'm in Ohio so there's no way you can do a picnic in Feb. Find a spot that's special for you both or pick a spot and make it your special spot.

My sister's boyfriends birthday was the first week of Jan. so for his birthday she signed them up for 6 weeks of dance lessons (swing, tango, etc - just the basics) and the her valentine gift to him will be taking him to a Valentine's Day ball and dancing all the new dances they learned - I guess you'd have to wait till next year for that idea. I thought it was cool - although my hubby would never go to dance lessons.

Let me know after Valentine's Day what you ended up doing!!!

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