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Re: Emotional gf
Feb 13, 2003
The reason posts can get misinterpreted is due to the phrases people choose to use to get their point across.

A) Protect yourself, disengage from this relationship, let her find peace with her own demons...

B) Put your foot down, say you won't take this any more and walk right out that door!

C) Tell her it's been nice and thanks for all the fish,...

D) Ask her if you've offended her in some how, explain what you will and will not do, and what you need in order to stay in this relationship, ask what she needs, and agree that if these things cannot mutually be met, that you need to move on...

E) Break up.

All of those above statements essentially "say" the same thing (ie: leave) but the choice of words reflects the passion each of us feels behind how WE read the poster's experience and gets translated into words which WE define. The phrase "pack her bags" may sound like a casual, direct, yet firm way to say you want out to some people, and may sound like a harsh, vulgar and self-righteous snotty remark to someone else.

As we all know, very often it is less what you say, more HOW you say it.

Life isn't what [i]happens to you[/i] -- it's how you [i]react to it![/i]

[i]Thoughts[/i] don't make us who we are -- [i]Actions[/i] do.

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