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Mydog8mybrain couldn't have said it better. Let her go ruin someone elses life. Consider yourself lucky dude. I'm serious.

I should charge by the hour brother. But because I'm a good guy and care about people, I'll give you some free advice.
This will be long and harsh, but you can't afford not to listen. I must sound like a broken record, because I've given this same advice to many guys in your shoes.

For reference, see my responses to your buddy 2bad4U's posts: "Do many women take men back after breaking up with them" and his post from a few weeks ago "My girl not warm to me anymore"

I'll cut to the chase with some tough love. I'm gonna slap some sense into you for your own good. I'm not trying to make you feel bad. But there's a method to all this.

Here goes:

1) She's 2 weeks out of a 3 year relationship and you think she's emotionally ready to be with anyone else right now?? She's a mess. Have you ever heard of a rebound?? You could be the poster boy. You never stood a chance.

2) When you're having problems with women, you must be VERY carefull from whom you ask advice. BrandedPrincess just threw you for such a loop that you should be dizzy right now. (I'll get to that later)

3) You keep telling us what she keeps SAYING. But then you say that you "noticed her ACTING (i.e. behaving) kinda weird".

She SAYS, you better get used to her because she wants to be around for a long long time. But how is she TREATING you.

4) Do you think that maybe you came on a little too fast?? (Even if she did too) I think you did. Also, she kept saying that your SO good to her. Could you be one of those "teddy bear" guys?? The kind that every women likes (he's just SO nice!), but that allows women to walk all over them??

5) Look at the excuses you keep making for the way she's been treating her! Her mom's getting surgery, her aunt's got brain problems, she graduates in a few weeks, she has "alot of stress going on". What's next?? Her favorite pet grasshoper is sick??? When she was 5 she didn't get the dollhouse she asked for??? Billy from the 2nd grade told her she was icky??
NOTE: It's too bad about her mother and aunt. Really. But, come on! She may be going through tough times, but don't make excuses for her bad behavior. Like Mydog8mybrain said, do you want your wife to treat you like crap every time something goes wrong? No, that's not how sweet women act when they love their guys.

6) "I think treating her good scares her because she isn't used to it." Two things: She may have some past baggage that have made her the way she is. If she was beeten and raped and treated badly by many ex-boyfriends, then that really is very sad. What you need to realize is that there really are some women that you just can't take on. They may have had too much happen to them in their past, and you'll be fighting all of those past battles, all the time. You won't be able to win. So, don't take it on. Let her be someone elses problem. Like perhaps a therapists (I don't mean to sound cruel, but I'm trying to help YOU right now, not her.)

Good luck. But the bottom line is that you need let this one go.

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