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my current girlfriend is BETTER looking than my ex, by general consensus of friends and family, and especially by my opinion too!

my friends have made it clear that my ex has no ill feelings towards my current girlfriend, and have told my current girlfriend that they like her, and enjoy her company and everything like that. my ex gf IS friendly with the whole group, but is "mostly" my sister's best friend first and foremost, and only attends these group things when my sister is involved, which is a lot, since my sister is an integral part of our group of friends. my ex doesn't attend ALL the group things though. it seems as though these are the only times i get to see my friends and sister with my friends all together anymore.

it'd really be nice to be able to take my girlfriend along without fear of having a big "scene" happen.

and i'm sure that my ex has no feelings for me anymore either - there were reasons we broke up (obviously, otherwise we'd stil be together then wouldn't we?). she has moved on, and had a couple boyfriends since we broke up (almost a year ago now) and i don't think about her, don't wonder about her, don't ask about her, nothing. my ex is not the type to scheme and plot against me and my current girlfriend either. in fact, through my sister, i heard that she hopes that we work out and find happiness together. my ex is actually a nice person. Things just didn't work out between us and that's just the way life goes sometimes, right? right. i KNOW my friends would not support any "schenanigans" by my ex towards me at all. a friend is a friend, but i know these people a LOT longer than my ex (she only came into the group just before we started going out, so she's only known them for about 2 years or so now) and also i'm "blood family" to my sister and almost like a brother to everybody else in the group. so i know that wouldn't be a problem. my friends would make sure everything was kept reasonable and "copasetic". I have no ill feelings towards the my ex, after all - i don't feel the need to hate every ex girlfriend i've ever had - do woman hate every ex boyfriend they've ever had? i didn't think so...That being said - I CERTAINLY have no romantic feelings for my ex gf at ALL.

i'm SOOOOOOOOO happy with my current gf. I'm in LOVE with this woman. She's not perfect of course, and has issues of her own to work out for herself, but NOBODY is perfect (certainly not me either!). But like i said - she's may not be "perfect", but she's perfect to me, and perfect for me. At least that's the way I feel...She's SO wonderful and has all the qualities that i've looked for in a girl, and is confident with herself, has her own life, isn't all insecure and always wondering what i'm up to or who i'm seeing or jealous when i go out with my sportbike riding friends (which include other girls who have motorcycles too), shares my lack of interest in having children, she's ambitious, smart, funny, so beautiful and gorgeous to me, very sexy, and just the kind of person i want to be around all the time, and the kind of person that makes me feel better about myself when i'm around her. I'm starting to SERIOUSLY think those "long term" thoughts and stuff, something that i've NEVER done with other past girlfriends. i think she's "the one" and i've told my current girl this too, so...what's to doubt? right?

i guess i'm going to have to wait it out a little bit then and hope that she realises that there's nothing to worry about with me, and that nobody is out to get her or whatever.

i just want to be able to relax when i'm with my sister and friends, not having to almost "fear" what will happen if my sister's best friend shows up while we're visiting/hanging out with friends (and sister, who is one of my good good friends too).

that's not too much to ask, is it?

"tejas klallam" is tribal for: "friendly strong person"

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