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It sounds to me like your current G/F might have been cheated on or hurt in the past with an EX g/f coming back into the picutre or him leaving her for the EX.

It depends how serious you were with this EX of yours? I mean there is a lot of factors here. If you dated this girl a long time and you were "in" love with her then I can see how your current g/f might have a problem with that. Did you tell your girlfriend the seriousnes of the relationship?

I know that I wouldn't want to be in the same room as my boyfrineds ex, cuz of the simple fact that I don't know what they shared together, you never know those old feelings might creep back and you could leave her for your EX.

If this doesn't change then I would just ask your friends if they don't include your ex when going out with you plain and simple. I mean it sounds to me like your g/f means a lot to you, and why does the ex have to go out w/ your frineds? Are you sure that the ex doesn't want you back?

I think your g/f is very jealous of your ex, and sometimes thats normal but if she knows that you love her she might need some help w/ her issues.

God bless

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