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let's see. - lots to catch up on here...ok:

What if it was my girlfriend's ex? I've actually thought long and hard and honestly about this and this is what i came up with: if it was my girlfriend's ex and i had already met everyone in the group and liked them (as my girlfriend professes to do) then I would go along with my girlfriend to a function where i had 9 or 10 new friends. It's not like i would have to hang out with that one person (her ex) all the time anyway. It's not like i even would have to talk to that one person. i'd be polite but not necessarily especially going out of my way to make friends with that person. but i would go and not let ONE person take away from my enjoyment of a group situation which i find fun (as my girlfriend prefesses to do). if she and the ex were overly friendly - yknow - "too friendly" with each other then yeah i'd have a problem with it, but if she went over and said hi or somethign i wouldn't be freaking out about it. afterall - everybody has ex's and just because it didn't work out between two people, doesn't necessarily mean they have to have ill feelings towards each other, right?

after all - look at it this way: if there are like 12 people in a room and you have a problem for whatever godforsaken reason with ONE person in that group do you let your whole night be ruined becwause of ONE person out of 12? that sounds to me like cutting off the leg because you have an ingrown toenail! doesn't it? with that many people around how hard is it to avoid ONE person? not that hard really, is it? PLENTY of people to socialise with, right?

it's not like i'm asking my current girlfriend to come along with me when it's just 4 or 5 people including my ex.

i defintely have ZERO romantic feelings for my ex, and from what my sister has told me (her and my ex are now best friends) my ex has ZERO feelings "that way" for me. In fact my sister has told my current girlfriend that too. and also conveyed to my current girlfriend that my ex gf has no hostil feelings to my current gf either, in fact, she (the ex) hopes things work out for me and this girl.

that to me, is the "mature" attitude to take, isn't it?

i think maybe my current girlfriend is afraid she doesn't "measure up" to what she was to me - but i've explained to her that she is MORE to me than any woman i've ever known.

i just wish she could see that and get past her own issues with this...

i won't put her in the situation to be in the same area with me ex gf, but when we're visitng my sister, and let's say my sister's best friend (who will probably be her maid of honour for her wedding within a year or so) shows up, i dont' want there to be a "scene" or anything, yknow. that wouldn't be fair to anybody. and for me to ask my sister to ask her best friend to stay away when my girlfriend and I are around, that wouldn't be fair, would it?

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