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Thanks once again to all. Much food for thought.

The more I look, I believe this is truly a personality disorder. I did look further on the web and her behavior certainly appears to be Borderline Personality Disorder. Everything is my fault, she takes nor accepts responsiblity for anything. For example, she's beginning to forget things (but then blames everyone in the world except herself). One day, she borrowed my car to go grocery shopping. It's within walking distance, but took the car to carry groceries. When she finished, she forgot she took the car and left it in the parking lot overnight. When I went to get my car in the morning, I thought it was stolen. It wasn't until several hours later she admitted she forgot about taking the car, and then proceeded to blame everyone but herself - stress, other people, me. I guess it's a funny story, if I wasn't living in the situation, but it illustrates my point about someone who cannot accept blame, and then proceeds to say it's other people's fault. Is this a symptom of BPD?

I agree with the person who said I have to control my own destiny, and I do what I can. It's just very hard to be in a relationship, as abusive to me as it is, with someone who can't accept responsibility for their own actions, or see themselves for who they really are. I've never met anyone like this who can't accept the truth and who balmes everyone but herself for problems. It is getting worse as the years go by. The huge ego is a major problem. Very difficult to live with, especailly for someone who just wants a cooperative relationship where two people are equal and enjoy each other. That's what it's all about, right?

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