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I'm not in your relationship but I might be able to offer some insight because I'm there myself (maybe not quite as bad but getting marriage counselling nonetheless).

She obviously is very angry with you and resents you very much about something. Could it be your frequent need to travel for work, leaving her at home with your child and the day-to-day responsibilities a lot? And could your optimistic nature be rubbing the problems in even further, because you're trying to act like nothing's wrong? Are you listening to her needs and problems or are you just telling her she's being irrational, unreasonable or silly? I think unresolved issues can end up as resentment and resentment builds up over time, to the point where the anger is about anything and everything, including Gatorade, bagels, garbage and underwear.

Things won't get any better until you both identify what the real underlying problem is. I think marriage counselling would be a good idea at this point.

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