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She wasn't surprised I asked her, she was SHOCKED and that was evident from the tone of her voice. I asked her if she was shocked and she said yes. From there I didn't know what to say. That's why I said to think about it because it was clear that she never had given it any thought before. I was completely caught off guard that I didn't even think to ask her why she was shocked by what I said and still don't know to this day. A big reason I didn't follow up is, to me, any answer other than yes means no. It also doesn't help that I am stubborn too.

Her and I had about 6 ten minute conversations both at the salon and when I called to make my appointment over the course of about 3 months. You have to understand that I get my haircut once a month and I am only there for 15 minutes at the most. It's not like I see her a lot for great lengths of time. For example, the last conversation we had, she came up from behind me, I didn't see her, she said hello and then reminded me of something she forgot to tell me during our previous conversation. But, then the phone rang, she had to pick it up and then other customers came to the front desk and she had to tend to them. I was talking to my stylist during this about nothing so I could continue with her and it was just impossible to do so and I left.

And while this shouldn't matter, one thing I might have to consider is maybe she doesn't date outside of her race because she is black and I am white. Just looking at all possibilities with that angle.

I agree there has a been a communication problem between the two of us and I am going to have to step up to the plate and do something about it. I felt awkard standing by her and not saying anything and she probably didn't say anything to me because of that. I don't want to continue to do that and don't plan on going elsewhere. So, I am going to try and befriend her again and at least get things out in the open. Either way, I will find out. I got myself into this and I'm going to get myself out no matter what the outcome is.

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