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Hi, I have been married once before and it's very hard for me to trust anyone. My ex was very abusive physically and mentally. Every day he was sleeping with someone. I left him and met my husband a year later. We have been together now for 7 years. He took in my 3 children from my first marraige and we have a 5 year old together. He treats them all equally. He is such a great guy, anything I want he gets it for me. I want to trust him 100% but I feel like all guys will cheat when giving an oppurtunity(msp). I have never had a reason to think my husband was cheating, I know signs of cheating spouses. I do trust him and I don't think he would cheat but last night a woman called and asked for my husband by his first name. I told her he was still at work and she told me to have him call "April" and gave me her number. Then she asked me who she was speaking with, I told her my name and she said ok please tell him to call me it is very urgent. Well I started to shake, and was wondering who was she to call my house and then ask me my name????? My husband called a few minutes later to let me know he was almost home. He calls me every day to let me know he's on his way. I don't ask him to, he does it on his own. I was talking to my neighbor who is my good friend and she says it was problaby someone who wanted their yard done, He owns a landscaping and irrigation company. So alot of times women and men call wanting their yards done. So I didn't think anything else of it. My neighbor said tell him he had a phonecall and he needs to call it back and she said watch his reaction when I tell him the name. He came home and I told him someone named April called and said it was urgent to call her back. I watched his face and he didn't even make a face. He said who is she and did she want her yard done? I told him to call her at the number she gave me, He called right in front of me unlike my ex would go in the other room and call someone back. He called the number and someone picked up and said he had the wrong number. He could tell I was upset and swore to me he didn't know an April. I have been having problems with the neighbor next door to me. Her husband is always sleeping with her sister and she always told me she was jelous of my husband and I relationship. For the most part my husband and I get along great, I even go work with him alot, He says he loves me working with me and loves being with me every day. If we do get in an argument it only last 5 minutes. He makes up with me even if I'm in the wrong. My friends say I'm so lucky, they wish they had someone like him and I admit I am the luckiest girl in the world. I really do have trust issues and feel like I should see a counselor. I'm afraid if I don't get the help I may lose him although he has never said that. I really want to trust him 100% but I've been hurt so much before that, that it's hard for me too. My other boyfriends cheated on me too. Do you think I'm making to much of this or should I be suspicious? He really did seem like he was telling the truth, some guys you can tell when they lie. He doesn't go out to bars or anything and doesn't drink. He is home with me every weekend unless he's working. He comes straight home from work every day. And first thing he does is give me a kiss, then plays with our children. I told my sister and she says I'm making to much out of it and says you know he loves you and wouldn't cheat on you. Stop worrying. She says I need help with my trust issues. It's just this little voice in the back of my head that says he's cheating but really I don't think he is, I don't know when he'd find the time. What do you think??? Becky

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