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Before I start I just wanted to appologize for the long post but it's necassary for you to get the whole picture! Please bare with me :)

Here the problem...

I have known one of my best friends for about 3 years now. It wasn't untill last summer tho that we became best friends. We became best friends in April or so and Stephanie and I both got boyfriends around the same time. So of course we introduced our boyfriends to each other and instantly we all became very close. We did everything together...went everywhere together. It was usually a great time. Well, this went on for about 3 or 4 months and then my boyfriend and I started growing apart and we decided to end our relationship (over many issues). So, of course that was "weird" between all of us because we were always together. However, this was during the summer too so we were all out of school. Anyways, soon the weirdness settled down and we got used to the separation of the four of us. Stephanie and I remained best friends and I remained "friends" with her boyfriend Matt. Soon, Matt and my boyfriend Jamey stopped talking. Well, Stephanie went through this horrible "separation" with Matt for awhile. As soon as I broke up with Jamey I began to notice that Stephanie was neglecting our relationship and dwelled on her's and Matt's. I could understand that because they were of course getting closer. I expected that too happen. However, not to the extent that it does now. Now, we only talk about once every week (if that). When we do talk to each other on the phone it's always her talking about what Matt did for her..said about her...what is going on between them. Of course, I'm happy she is happy but right now I'm going thru a horrible time ( I'm pregnant and my child's father wants nothing to do with me or our child) she has not been there for me AT ALL! It's all about her and Matt. When she does call me or vice versa Matt beeps her and I sit on the other end of the phone for 10 mins. at least!!! Thats rediculous. She could at least tell her boyfriend (whom she talks to every hour of the day) that she and I haven't had much time to talk and that she will call him back later. After those 10 minutes of me waiting she clicks back over to me and says well that's Matt can I call you back later? And she never does! Finally, 1 day she did this to me and it really upset me so I blew up and said to her "ya know you could have clicked back over to me and told me who it was instead of making me wait here" her response was "well it was Matt". Everytime we try and plan to go out with each other she has to wait and see if Matt's busy and if he is then she and I can go out..if he's not then she decideds to go with him instead. Everytime she and I talk it's ALWAYS about Matt. I'm so tired of hearing about him... he has done a few things to her the past couple of months that to me throw up red flags saying that maybe she isn't being honest with her or that he is doing something behind her back. However, she feels that if he is cheating on her then she will just except that and move on. She says that it's ok for him to cheat on her because she will forgive him since she loves him. An x boyfriend of mine..not Jamey.. (that cheated on me and completely ruined my reputation..on purpose...all in all was a horrible person) reminds me of Matt so much it's not funny. Matt's starting to do things that he did to me and I never noticed it because I was "so much in love" he was pulling the wool over my eyes. I tried telling her this and she just gets mad at me and tells me that I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm not trying to brake them up I'm just trying to offer her advice. When she comes to me asking for advice I give her my opinion and advice and then she doesn't take it. I waste my breath with her. This Christmas, after I had just recently broken up with Jamey (and was dealing with the pregnancy) she calls me up just to brag about what Matt got her for Christmas. I told her that was nice and very thoughtful of him. What else am I supposed to do? Our friendship is being ruined because of all of this and I can't get it across to her. She is just to blinded by this boy. One day recently after not seeing her for over a month..she came over to my house and we had planned on spending the evening together..she is freaking out because she hasn't heard from she calls him up and he asks her to come over to his house..guess what she does? of course...she runs to him! She spent an hour on my phone trying to "track" him down..and then (very rudely) left my house to go to him. I hadn't even spent two hours with her! Ok, I let this one slip..but what drove me over the egde was when I borrowed a shirt of Matt's (because I had no clothes and I don't fit into Stehp's) that was over at her house..a few weeks later Matt told me I could just keep it since it was old anyways he didn't really need it back...well Steph called me up and asked for the shirt back..I told her that Matt told me I could just keep it because he didn't want it back. She totally lost control and started telling me off about how it was her boyfriend's not mine and SHE wanted it back and that it wasn't fare that he let me have it. How childish to get upset over him letting me keep and old shirt of his? This is another issue...I have grown up a lot compaired to her the past few months ( I have had to..I'm going to be raising a child very soon) and she and I aren't on the same page or life anymore. She and I don't have much in common anymore and when we do talk I find that I feel a lot older than her. I hate the way this sounds because it sound stuck up when I say it but I dont mean it to so please dont take this the wrong way..but she seems childish to me now. I will admit to you I am jealous. Very jealous. But what should I do????

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