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I'm very confused and in desperate need of advice. Things are going extremely well between my boyfriend and me. I am so happy that I can barely stand to be around myself !! We have so much in common, share the same goals, morals, ideas. My life has never been so perfect. He also says he is the "most fortunate person in the world" and how happy he is since I came into his life.

He has 2 children from a previous marriage and I have one. I have my son all the time and his children live with him 2 weeks out of each month and with their mother the other two weeks. Works out well, we spend alot of time doing "family" things.

The confusing part ....before meeting him I had been saving money to buy a house. I've lived in an apt. for 3 years and that's long enough. My lease expires at the end of May. When I first starting looking at houses I was looking in an area closer to my job, which is 45 minutes from where I live now. My bf and I live within 10 minutes of each other at this time.

I began rethinking the whole process because he was constantly dropping hints like "don't buy a house", "don't move down there" ..."I want you with me" ....a few times he'd even said "just move in with me" ...however, during such direct statements it was usually after we'd been out and he'd a few beers. Earlier this week he'd told some friends, who of course, told me ....that he was totally in love with me, I was the best thing for him and he never thought he'd do this but he wants me to move in ...when our friends asked him if he'd talked to me about it he said "kind of" .....Well, now ....I've got 2 months to decide what to do and besides his little "hints" he never mentions it. ....As a matter of fact just today he said ..."I don't want you to move that far away from me, I prefer you close, like on your side of the bed" .....but then he says ..."I'll understand if you move down there and we'll find a way to make it work"

Are these mixed signals? I'm torn about what to do. Do I renew my lease where I am for another year so we can be close? Do I move anyway since he's not making any direct statements otherwise? ....Is he being wishy-washy ....what's going on?

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