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Hi as you know i recently got back with my boyfriend we was only split for a few days possibly a week. we have had loads of ups and downs arguments wise. but something inside me is doubting my relationship. its like my heart is questioning my mind and saying ''is he really what you want''. i am so confused. i just find him quite immature. yesterday for example i got paid and planned to go out to lunch together. so woke up and we headed out to get money from bank. on the way to bank i held his hand and he didnt seem to want to hold my hand and i asked him why he said ''because i like my hands free i have never been into holding hands since i had my 2 kids when they always want to hold my hand and it gets warm and sticky with sweat'' i said ''but its freeezing its not like its summer now'' . he has not mentioned this before when i met him he said he was into holding hands and romance and stuff. i wouldnt hold a sticky hand anyway so he need not worry about that but it was cold and he wouldnt do it to make me happy. so as i tried talking to him more about it he started shouting at me IN THE STREET infront of people. i was very upset. still took him to dinner though what an idiot i was. he is very immature sometimes and now i am growing up i just dont know if i want this. i love him but i think hes too immature for me. i want a man not a immature little boy. but i love him. its hard.

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