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I have been married for over 4 yrs. and my hubby and I are having some problems...actually the same just seems like we are going in a circle...we fight about the same things over and over, I would like for him to go to see someone with me but in the past he has always said that I am the one with the I go alone for awhile and then I stop. The problem is my sex drive isn't that great....I think what started it all was when I got a typed letter in the mail about him being seen with his X-wife....and the letter said that I should check his cell phone records, but there is noway I can because the company he works for gets the bill.....(mind you this has happened just awhile after we were married) I talked to him and believed him when he said there was nothing to the letter....well about a yr ago...I just so happened to get on the computer and he forgot to close out his mail...and I seen some emails that he was writing to an was very obvious that they were flirting...(not sure if anything happened) but I again talked to him and he said with all of our problems he needed to talk to someone....after alot of fighting he agreed to go to counseling....but again backed out....and told me not to ever bring it up I haven't I have never thrown it in his face even when we fight.....I still find myself withdrawing from him (i mean sex) I don't feel I can share that part of myself with someone I can't trust......I do love him, and i want to feel that way again....but not real sure what else I can do.....I feel something is going on again....(I can feel it) but not sure that I want to know...if you know what I mean........I don't know how to get my marriage back...I have not cheated and will never cheat....that is just the way I am....I have been hurt like that before in the past (in another relationship) and couldn't bear to hurt someone that way. I just don't know what else I can do.....I made a promise to myself not to run from this relationship (because that is what I have done in the run away when it got tough) but not sure how much more i can take.....I told him when we were just dating the 2 most important things to me was TRUST and being HONEST and I feel in my heart of hearts he has broken both.....any adivse would be great.....Thanks

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