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Um- you should see a counselor together. If you really love him and he you. Nip it in the bud. This has nothing to do with you, they are his feelings he owns them. So don't start changing and walking on eggshells because of him unless you want to be oppressed with mindcontrol and possibly even physical control. He is the one who has to change. He has to let go of his fear. Mind games suck too-my father use to do the same to my mother. Both were very attractive and my mother was going to be a nun before she decided to go to college-so it just goes to show you how off -a Man in this case can be-he use to accuse her beat her say ugly stuff and he was the one cheating. It really sucked having her walk on eggshells never knowing when he was going to "go off". Mind control and physically as well -being oppressed sucks the life out of everything around it.

Be safe-if he tells you to stop wearing make up and change the way you dress and limits your phone use, get out and far away because it only gets worse. My father has not changed it has been 37 years way before way I was born till current and in his many marriages the same insecurities and fighting and oppression have follwed him everywhere...because he is the one with the problem/s.

I wish you well.

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