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I just don't understand why SOME PEOPLE think drama in a relationship is necessary. (I'm not just relating this to your situation but others I've seen on this board) Drama isn't love, it isn't passion, it isn't "soul mate" - it's F'd up.

SOME PEOPLE can have a bit of resentment and jealousy over their mates past. I myself had sometimes wished while dating my husband that he hadn't been with other girls before me, or that I had known him when he was younger. It's a normal thing that SOME PEOPLE MIGHT experience but one can realize that it's a very immature attitude to have. Get over it.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you are the one being immature here becuase you are making unfound assumptions and jumping to conclusions. In the first paragraph you assume that she wants drama, WHY? Did she state that? Nowhere in her post did she even elude to that- just because someone is going thru a crisis with their significant other or any other person for that matter does not automatically equate them to wanting "drama" in their life.
Second reason why I feel you are being a bit immature is that you are making points that have no relevance to the situation. As I stated before you are putting in information that has no relevance to the situation that was posted. You can say, and you did, that she should not brood and be upset over what her S.O did to her in the past, it will do her no good... that is all fine and relevant, but then you go into this whole shpeal about how it pisses you off that women get so jeoulous, envious, insecure about their sig. other's past i.e, women they were with in the past, when they shouldn't becuase the S.O's are with them now- like I said before that only holds true when the women were not a part of their Sig. other's past!!! It is not valid here becuase she WAS a part of his past. It is, by itself is a very warranted statement to make, but in reference to the problem, it has no bearing. Then you end that same paragraph by saying "get over it". What? You can't just spill a bunch of shpeal that is not even remotely relavent to the problem at hand and then give them a command based on it- It is immature and not thought out and inconsiderate.

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