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The guy was definitely a nut job, but he does bring up a very good point. If a man is that intolerent of your feelings, is grossly insensitive to your needs or feelings and refuses to see why you're upset until you actually cry, and then he gets mad or feels he's being manipulated or that you're just trying to get attention or get him to feel sorry you because you cry, you really should say goodbye. I can only guess what sort of marriage our friend Billy's parent had, and I don't really want to play armchair psychologist here, but the way he generalizes about "all" women crying over nothing, is a serious red flag. Just to give you another example of my ex, I had a vacation coming to me, my first one in 3 years. I was so excited, and really looking forward to spending the first Friday night of it with him. He played in a bar band and worked almost every weekend, and as luck would have it, he didn't have to work that same weekend. But then he told me he had plans to go check out another band with his bandmates. I wasn't too happy about his wanting to spend his first night off in months and the first night of my vacation with the same guys he spent every weekend with, and I wanted to spend some time alone with him, since we were always around these guys and things were rocky at that point and I thought we needed some time alone to work things out (I hadn't realized yet that he no longer wanted to work things out and he was pretty much done with the relationship by then), but I said I understood, and I asked if it would be alright if he hung out with the guys until about 11 or 11:30 pm then I could meet him at his house and we could watch a late movie and spend some time together. He said he'd call me before he left and let me know for sure. He didn't. I called him, he had already left, so I went to a movie with a girlfriend. I got back about 11:15 and swung by his house, he still wasn't home, so I just went home. He told me the next day he didn't get home till about 1:30 am. and he couldn't understand why I was so upset. All he could see was that he wanted to check out this band and he got caught up in talking music with the guys until 1:30. I was so mad and got so frustrated that I finally just started crying. I was mostly angry that it had to get to that point in the first place. But it dawned on me later that he didn't care how upset I got and got annoyed with my crying that night because he no longer cared about me. We didn't last much longer than that anyway. I guess the moral is, yes, showing such callous disregard and disrespect for your partner's feelings and getting angry and annoyed at them when they don't just sit there and take your crap with a smile, yes Billy, I'm sorry to say, that most definitely is a form of emotional abuse. Make no mistake. And not taking responsibility for the part you play in a relationship gone wrong and blaming it all on the other person's "weak emotional instability" is childish. If a guys is making you cry, it probably is a red flag that the relationship should be put out of its misery. If the guy gets mad or annoyed at you when you cry, and tells you you're a crybaby, he has no real feelings left for you and any more time spent with him is time wasted.

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