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Thanks for the responses, everyone.

I would like to say this man isn't my husband, although I want him to be. He is my boyfriend of almost 4 years. However, I don't know if I'd really feel much better if he WERE my husband.

These girls are trouble. I see them all the time flirting it up w/ married/involved men. They were tight, low cut stuff and parade their implants and butts all over the office. All of the men LOVE these girls and fawn all over them. It makes me SICK when I see this. I can't imagine them working for my boyfriend and putting their boobs in his face. Plus, I'll be the laughing stock. All of my friends have already started in on me, saying they don't see how I am going to come to work each day and know those girls are hanging all over my man. :(

I'm seeking therapy for my depression so hopefully I will learn how to cope. I admit I am a jealous person. I am very insecure, even though I'm constantly told I'm "pretty". I don't see that in the mirror... :(

My boyfriend tends to give off a flirty vibe. He says he is just being "friendly" and that he "doesn't meet a stranger" but I know how a lot of women think. He is very flattering and charming and I know that some women take that is flirting or him wanting to sleep w/ them. Hell, he probably does. :( I also know there are several women that have crushes on him. They know we are together but of course, this doesn't stop them.

I'm sorry to ramble but I'm feeling so miserable and hopeless right now.

Again, thank you for your posts and thoughts. I appreciate all input.

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