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People can make relationships work if they want to. In the past, there were so few divorces because people HAD to make it work. Now it's sooo easy just to say or think that it's not worth saving, or you don't have the energy, and then get a divorce. Its simple. And WAYYY easier than MAKING marriage work. Marriage is a very special thing to me, and I would never get a divorce. I don't believe in divorce.
This is a cool idea, and I'm gonna share it : o)
My Boyfriend and I decided that the "D" word isn't even allowed in our vocabulary. no matter what, even if we are fighting, and not having a great time, we'll never use that word. We have our hearts set on staying together until the day we die, and thats' that. our minds are made up : o)

You can't always go on feelings. because feelings change a million times a minute. you could think you love this guy one minute, and the next not be so sure. I met the guy I am marrying online. people think we are crazy, but we love each other very much, and since we have similiar interests, share the same morals, and values. we completely trust each other, and have very good communication. We talk about everything, even when its hard for us. We agree this is for the best. He was my best friend before we decided to get serious, and its so awesome. God has blessed our relationship, and we're both sooo happy. I believe that there are lots of the "one"s out there for people. Because you know that there are lots of people who find more than one person they get along with really well. My advice would be to think this through very carefully. Make up your mind and stick with it. You are still young, and you have your whole life ahead of you. Make the best of it. Take Care and God Bless. : o)

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