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I feel silly sometimes - but I'm really having a hard time with something. I'd like to hear from other moms and such that might have dealt with this.

My beautiful 18 year old daughter broke up with her boyfriend in Feb (his call) and she was devastated. I was too since he had become so close to our family and us to his. Strange thing is that they don't seem to go more than 2 weeks without having some sort of contact. They have been friends for 3 years - knew each other the first year - dated off and on for 1 year - then got together in a full relationship for 10 months when he broke it off.

She didn't see anyone for the longest time, but has recently started dating someone that we're not too crazy about (a less desirable crowd)- he seems kinda sweet but she's very outgoing and he's ultra shy - hubby thinks he won't last long.

The thing is - I just don't think we've heard the last of the ex bf - my gut tells me that they have a connection that defies logic - and everyone thinks I'm crazy! But little things she says or does (making sure she's wearing the bracelet he gave her when we saw them last) or hearing that he still (as of at least a couple of weeks ago) hadn't taken down her pictures or gifts in his room - seems to back up my feelings.

However - when talking with her he will remark that he's enjoying being single. I should mention that the breakup seemed to occur when he started hanging out 24/7 with one particular friend that didn't like my daughter. Anyway - he doesn't seem in any hurry to reconnect consciously (he flirts when he sees her and has tried to kiss her - but she refuses to "get caught up in a moment"- her comment is "you don't get this cow for free" meaning he must actually choose to be part of her life) so I won't councel her to wait on him - but I do do my best to keep her from falling into the "anger" trap.

The ex kinda has 2 sides to him - he's very sweet and attentive - you could tell he adored my daughter - but then also can be a testosterone jerk. I think it's mostly just immaturity and he needs to grow up - he is only 18 and a slow developer at that (she was his first gf) In all fairness she could be a raging b**** when they were together as well - but she has done so much growing/maturing since the breakup. These are the reasons many people didn't see them as being good together - but like I said, they seemed to have a deeper connection than most people seemed to see.

I'm really trying to live by the "let go/let God" and figure if it's meant to be they will reconnect when the time is right. Maybe I am just crazy - has anyone else had a hard time when someone elses - especially a family members - relationship had problems or broke up?

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