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i have been dating my boyfriend,Jake, for a little over 7 months now. He is very good-looking, trustworthy, kind, caring, fun, smart and honest. we've never been in a fight, he's never been anything but really nice to me, he treats me like a princess. things have been great until we had the talk about what we are going to do about college

i said i didn't feel we should go to the same college because we both need to experience college life and branch out and meet new people. He flipped out and told me how much he loved me and that he didnt want to lose me. he also said that he knows im gonna meet another guy and leave him. he said he wanted to go to the same college so we could be together and so i would forget about him. i love him, but i would like to see what all else is out there.

the other night he got really drunk and told me everything he really thought. he was crying and kept saying i am going to leave him for another guy and that im everything to him and that im why he wakes up in the morning and how he gets through the day. he told me he will do anything for me and that im the best thing in his life. then he started to talk about how he would want to kill himself if we broke up but he doesnt have the guts to. then he tried to strangle himself but didnt go through with it. i was freaking out and never been so scared in my life.

im not sure i can continue being with him because he is so obsessive. he's never been anything but really nice and caring, and thats what confuses me! im worried if we break up, he will end up getting drunk and hurt himself very badly. i dont know what to do. i dont know what i have gotten myself into. i feel trapped. someone, anyone please help me

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