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I appreciate your response. The reason I didn't do as much as you said is because she is the type of person that doesn't want any help unless she asked for it,that much I have learned about her. She has said in the past that she grew up in a home where you took care of yourself if you were sick, so she doesn't know how to help someone or get help. When her daughter called me to check on her I did but she refused my help
by driving to the hospital herself and then saying I left her there. She always puts me in no win situations. As far as the year went between us, it was great for the first few months, then as my feelings for her grew I felt her start to back off and then I felt rejected and would start to move on then she would call claiming that she knew she was doing this and it's all her stuff not realy about me and so we would start again and this has been the way it was. I know she loves me so it makes it difficult to move on. As far as talking to her goes, she has never put a personal ad on the internet or has ever said leave me alone which she did. The last conversation we had about a month ago she said she knew I really cared about her but we speak different languages. I asked her if she wanted me to leave her alone and she answered she didn't know, but 2 days later I drove down her street to see if she had a date and she saw me and told me to leave her alone and that has been it.So you can see that contacting her would be a waste of time since she might view that as an invasion of her privacy.Now I mentioned that she does have Borderline Personality Disorder which she is managing in therapy and I don't know how much of that disorder plays a part in this.If anyone has or is in or was in a relationship with a Borderline person you might be able to help me.The fact that she is trying to meet someone else says to me that she is trying to move on. I am very confused and wished she would call me to talk this out. I can't believe that she could just cut me off with no closure and move on, I know I couldn't do that to someone.

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