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That's a good point, but in my experience, the ex is usually not over the other person. Putting the new and the old significant other together is BAD NEWS because it just upsets everybody.

For instance, my boyfriend's ex is still completely in love with him...the idea of me and her having lunch with him is totally out of the question; I'd probably end up stabbed by a butter knife!

Also, my best friend is still in love with her ex. While she's working really hard to get over him (and doing a great job!), I know that if she was confronted with his new girlfriend, she'd feel awful and probably freak out. The idea that their love has found someone new to an ex who still has feelings is almost worse than the rejection itself.

But I don't see the problem with my friend or my boyfriend having amiable contact with their exes-- I mean, both men have moved onto new relationships themselves and it's a matter of trusting them to be faithful more than anything else.

Just my two cents!

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