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I have VERY low self-esteem. Its actually ridiculous because I KNOW inside that Im not fat (Im 5'3 and 114 pounds) but I do have slightly fatty thighs....noone sees them but me. TO me...they just look gross! No matter what I wear I feel gross and well Ive come to accept this self-loathing.

Over the past 2 years, guys have come and gone...some WONDERFUL guys who Ive let slip through my fingers due to fear of hurt and rejection. Ive now met someone wonderful who has seen me in a skirt (therefore not really seen my nasty lookin thighs!) and who on impulse asked me out. HE seems like a great guy and Im very eager to get to know him but I feel as though we'll meet up and he'll see Im fat and he'll never call again!
I know it all sounds absurd...but this happens all the time..I end up really falling for someone and they wanna spend time with me but I always cancel or let them go because of this fear.

I REALLY want to be with someone and overcome this...but Im just so afraid.

Please help!

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