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Hi everyone,

i don't know where else to go for any advice.This board has given me so much support,thank you all.Ok it's my boyfriend of 3 years.We love each other very much,are planning to get married this December in Hawaii.Well here is the problem,he kind of has this problem with paying attention and not listening.For exmaple i tell him a story about something and at the end i'm like so "what do you think about what i just told you?"and he would aske me"i'm sorry,what was that?"I get so frustrated about that.He is been trying to get better but that is a big issue.And sometimes when i would like to talk to him about something serious he would joke about it.Well we'been moving all over different states becuase of his job.And pretty soon he will be a partner in a company in Washington D.C.So he will be making some pretty big decisions.I always show that i'm interested whatever he has to say,i support him all the way in his decisions and i'm always on his side.Being loving,understanding and supportive.He on the otherside doesn't really show me his soft side,romantic side or emotianal.Why are men like that.I would like him to pay more attention to me and i'm not that needy.But just little concern.Please i'm soooooo confused.I do not wish to spend the rest of my life with a super guy that isn't really into me????

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