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wow is right first of all you NEED to leave this man he is NOT right.
your mother is WRONG on this one too.
living with someone does NOT mean you should be having sex with him. I can totally understand why you dont want ot have sex.
I would assume you are afraid of him right? I know I would be. something is not healthy here and you not having sex isnt either.
your clothes off when your sleeping it sounds like its the verge of rape.
he is frustrated becouse of something else but I dont know what but it sounds like you are on the recieving end of abuse that is going to get much worse.

it sounds like he is trying to control you and sex is a good way to do it for some men.

I dont talk about this much but when I was a teenager I went through something similar to this with sex. and trust me after a while of you saying no he will MAKE it happen thats not something you want to go through. its been like 12 years ago and you never forget. a man does not have the right to treat you this way. and no matter what his background is if he loved you he would respect you and cherrish you a comfort you and NOT treat you this way.

Sorry to be so blunt but you really need to leave this situation. actually you did say ex boyfriend didnt you? have you left him yet? let us know.

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